The growing number of writing agencies is evidence of the fact that more students prefer to buy college essays online. There are many reasons behind this: students are lazy or busy, personal circumstances or inability to complete these tasks independently, students don’t care or they are overloaded with other tasks. So, if you’ve chosen to buy college essay papers, you’re not the only one who made this decision.

Buying College Essay Papers Became More Common

Except for personal reasons for buying college essays, the main reason is the imperfection of the educational system. Recently, the educational system experienced multiple changes that significantly affected students’ lifestyles. The prices for education are growing and more students choose to work and study at the same time to be able to pay for education. Therefore, they feel tired after work and less time remains for the studies. Hence, they opt for writing services to complete this job instead of them.

Another reason to buy a college essay is that some educational institutions failed to find a balance between the number of tasks and students’ capabilities. Students just don’t have enough time to learn all materials and complete college papers on time. So, they become customers of writing agencies.

Lazy or Not?

It’s difficult to identify whether students are lazy or just using different approaches to studies. Statistic says that students don’t spend much time in libraries. Sometimes students even miss their classes unless they are mandatory. Information is widely available on the internet and they are bored in classes because they can find whatever they need without attending lessons. Students prefer to buy essay for college without taking any efforts aiming to obtain a diploma which is needed to get a job. Education became an investment in the future career or a commodity people can buy to get the right job.

Some students treat education as a service that they should obtain as they paid money for it. They’re not interested to receive new knowledge in class as they can find anything they’re interested in on the internet. The new ways of studying don’t involve attending libraries or classes. Many educational institutions offer the online education which is closer to be understandable by modern students. Students can watch educational videos and slides online. Modern students prefer to buy paper for college, earn money to pay for education and save time for entertainment or family. This is a niche where many writing services succeed. Hence, there are at least five reasons to buy college essays.

Reason 1: Time Constraints

If you’re a modern student and you have to study and work at the same time, probably, you don’t have time for completing homework. So, buying a college paper is seen as a way to solve a problem. So, you apply for writing services.

Reason 2: Personal Issues

Some students become returning customers, but others apply for writing services one or two times because they have personal issues. For example, illness or big family celebrations can hamper studying. Sometimes buying a college paper is the only one solution available at the moment.

Reason 3: Critical Situations

Sometimes we can’t predict some events even if we have a good plan. You may follow your plan, but a critical situation occurs. This can be another reason for paying someone to finish your paper. You cannot control some situations and college essay writing services can be of great help: you can receive your paper within hours.

 Reason 4: A Way to Save Money

 If you’re a working student, you understand how much money you can lose while studying. For example, you earn $500 per week and you need one week to complete a coursework. You count and understand that if you pay $100 for your paper, your weekly income will be $400. If you decide to take a one-week vacation to go to a library to gather information for your future coursework and to study the subject, you will earn $0. So, working for one week, earning $500 and paying $100 for the paper looks like a rational decision.

Reason 5: Following a Course of Least Resistance

 Some students just don’t like to study. All people have their strong and weak points. Maybe studying is not one of your strong sides. Maybe you’re already an excellent cook who sells hand-made pastry at $10 per item or an IT specialist without a diploma who created the online trade platform. Everything is possible these days. You’re a unique person and sometimes traditional education is out of the field of your interests.

Here we summarized several reasons for buying essays online, but you may have your own. It’s only your decision whether to apply for writing services or not.